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Photography for local businesses

Kansas City is my home, and has a personality like no other city. Each neighborhood reminds me of a character in a book, and deciding where to go is like deciding with which character I’d like to spend time. Local businesses make Kansas City a fun, colorful place to live, and I love documenting their flair!

Local Pig

I photographed Local Pig and owner Alex Pope for Meat & Poultry magazine in February, 2013. What fun it was to learn about sausage, meat, spices and knives of all kinds!

Yoga Fix

As a Yoga Fix client for nearly a decade, I can positively say that their classes have kept me sane! I documented their clients and teachers in some fun poses in February, 2017. Namaste. 

Spin Pizza

My relationship with Spin! Pizza began about 9 years ago, when I worked there as a server and bartender. Since then, I’ve become their photographer – documenting wine dinners, new restaurants openings around KC, lots of pizza tossing and gelato scooping! To this day, I break from editing to go to Spin! Pizza for their arugula salad about once a week.

Lulu’s Thai Noodle Shop

I’ve been fortunate to be a part of the Lulu’s family for many years, and continue to serve there a few times each week. Lulu’s is my home-away-from-home and I love documenting their amazing food, as well as their positively bad-ass staff (who happen to be great friends too!)

Midtown Signs

Even if you don’t realize it, you’ve probably seen a sign – or five – around town made by Midtown Signs. I’ve been documenting their sign-making process for a few years. They make banners, graphics, letter forms – in a wide variety of materials including metal (letters), carved wood, plastics and more. Hidden/Tucked under a bridge in KCK, this local gem is the place to go for signage!

Boys Grow

A friend of mine started Boys Grow a few years back as a way to teach young boys to farm. Since then, it has grown into a community of amazing kids learning how to cultivate land, grow food, raise animals, cook, can, market, speak publicly, and run a business. I have documented two of their semi-annual dinners, featuring Lidia Bastianich of Lidia’s restaurant.

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